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What Is a Macro Focusing Rail? A macro focusing rail is a system that allows you to transfer your camera forward and backward or left to right. There are some explanations for why this is crucial to get the best macro photography. For starters, you can correct the attention you put into your topic in micro quantities. This guarantees sharp attention A macro focusing rail is a system that lets you move your camera forwards and backwards or even left to right. There are a few reasons why this is necessary to capture the best macro photography. For one, you can adjust the focus you place on your subject in micro amounts. This ensures a sharp focus

Learn how to use a macro rail for close up macro shots. Watch our video to learn more. (Find yours here: https://amzn.to/32Vlh2x #CommissionsEarned)Features:.. De Macro focusing rail Kort samengevat. De NiSi Macro Focusing Rail NM-180 is zeer degelijk gebouwd en heel praktisch in gebruik. De macrorail is als stand alone te gebruiken, maar ook op een Arca Swiss compatible statiefkop. Het maximale bereik waarover de macrorail kan worden verplaatst is 160mm Met de Sunwayfoto MFR-150S Macro Focusing Rail is de positie van de camera zeer nauwkeurig naar voren of naar achteren af te stellen. Iets wat cruciaal is voor macrofotografie. De klem op de bovenkant is Arca Swiss compatibel en wordt vergrendeld met een schroefknop. De focusrail zelf heeft een dubbele dovetail mount en past op de meeste Arca-type. You can buy the NiSi Macro Focusing Rail NM-180 from B&H - http://bit.ly/Nisi_railYou can check out the full review over on LensVid.com:https://lensvid.com/g..

Oben Macro Focusing Rail is a lightweight design for a precise 4-way camera alignment. The product accepts fine adjustments to give the best close up photo, tilt, shift seen in photography. The rail offers maximum back movements and 1.25 inches While shopping online for an macro focusing rail review is easier and more convenient than shopping in person, it is also harder to know if you are buying a high-quality product. Even when the online pictures are an honest representation of the item, it is hard to see any tiny details in the photos WeMacro's automatic focus stacking rail has total travel length of 100 mm. It's minimum step can be set as 1 micron in precise mode. The rail is fully controlled by a computer, or an android phone using Bluetooth or OTG functionality Option 2: Manual focusing rail. There are also DIY instructions on the web, in case you feel crafty. A great rail that many macro photographers recommend is the Wemacro focusing slider Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best macro focusing rails for you, which we believe will get your back perfectly. But before discovering what they are, we will give a quick view about macro focusing. Let’s get started. Contents. 1 Best Macro Focusing Rails of 2021

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  1. Available here:Velbon Super Magnesium Slider, Macro Rail. Neewer 4 Way Macro Focus Rail Slider(~$24) The Neewer is very inexpensive with excellent range of motion, very fast adjustment, less precision and more wiggle. The construction quality is good for $24, but not in the Velbon's league. The Neewer has a whopping 10 cm of travel on each axis
  2. De NiSi Macro Focusing Rail NM-180 kan snel en eenvoudig worden bevestigd op de meeste Arca-statiefkoppen. De rails is ook zonder statief bruikbaar, ze staat dan op 4 afneembare metalen voetjes. De verstelafstand per omwenteling is 1,25 mm. Aan beide zijden van de macrorails staat een markering voor fijnafstelling
  3. De Kiwi FC-1II Macro Focusing Rail is ideaal voor fotografen die op zoek zijn naar een hulpmiddel voor zeer nauwkeurige positionering van hun camera over de X- en de Y-as voor het maken van macrofoto's. De FC-1II is zeer soepel te bedienen en maakt zeer precieze fijnafstelling aan de positie van uw camera mogelijk zonder de stabiliteit en nauwkeurigheid te beïnvloeden
  4. Macro Slider / Macro Focusing Rail (4-weg) TYPE 2. Macro slider voor zeer precieze 4-weg camera-uitlijning; naar voren, achteren, links en rechtsIdeaal..
  5. NiSi Macro focusing rail De NiSi Macro Focusing Rail NM-180 is een onmisbaar stuk gereedschap bij het maken van hoogwaardige macro-opnamen. De instelrail heeft een Arca-compatibele sleuf voor het bevestiging van een statiefgondel van een objectief of een Arca compatibele snelkoppelingplaat

A macro focusing rail, also referred to as a macro slider or a focusing rack, is a device used to precisely control the camera position during high-magnification photography work. The typical geared macro slider is a device comprising of a fixed track or base and a movable platform that is moved along the track using the gear knob Your source for Focusing Rails for Macro Photography from top brands like Novoflex, Dot Line, FotodioX and Kirk, all at unbelievable prices

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Onze website maakt gebruik van cookies. Kamera-Express.nl Kamera-Express.be Foka.nl gebruikt functionele, analytische en marketing cookies om jouw ervaring op onze website te verbeteren en om je van gepersonaliseerde advertenties te voorzien. Wanneer je op akkoord klikt, geeft je toestemming om al onze cookies te plaatsen. Klik op wijzig cookie-instellingen om jouw voorkeuren aan te passen De NiSi macro focusing rail is de perfecte aanvulling voor de fototas van de serieuze macro fotograaf. Je kunt de focusing rail via de arca-swiss compatible uitvoering op je statiefkop plaatsen en op deze manier je camera over de rails naar de gewenste positie brengen. Door middel van de draaiknoppen kan je heel nauwkeurig scherpstellen of je kan er voor kiezen om meerdere opnamen te maken die. The NiSi Macro Focusing Rail is compatible with the Arca-Swiss dovetail mount and is equipped with an integrated Arca-Swiss type quick release foot-plate and clamp. The long plate for telephoto mounts is ergonomically designed for easy locking and release , and the bottom of the rail includes 3/8 and ¼ mounts for all compatible tripod heads, along with four (removable) studs allowing use directly on a tabletop

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Automated Macro Focus Rail: Hello community,I would like to present my design for an automated macro focus rail. Ok, so the first question what the devil is a focus rail and what is it used for ? Macro or close up photography is the art of imaging the very small. This can While writing this I found the Desmond Worm Drive Macro Rail at B&H for $59.95 which looks interesting because of the worm drive but this rail has a small range (55mm) and no ArcaSwiss mount clamp, alternatively the Sunwayfoto MFR-150S priced at $99.95 ExpertPhotography recommends: Neewer Pro 4-Way Macro Focusing Focus Rail Slider (budget option) and Oben MFR4-5 Macro Focusing Rail (pro option) 20 layers of images compiled into a crystal-clear macro photo of a bee. Now that you know what macro photography accessories can help you get started,. A macro focusing rail is a fantastic tool to have when shooting subjects up close. Not only does this keep your camera but in addition, it enables you to micro-adjust the focus you put in your own scene. However, it not simple to decide on the 1 suit for you. I hope this aritcle can help one of the best best macro focusing rails

A focusing rail greatly enhances the quality of your macro photography. Being able to inch closer and closer to your subject in tiny increments improves the quality of your macros. Have the tripod head for your focusing rail. You will want.. De Macro Focusing Rail helpt om veeleisende afstand van camera tot onderwerp te bereiken, is een scherpstellende fase met fijnafgestemde controle over een 115 mm instelbereik Base is een 38 mm brede Arca-type zwaluwstaartplaat, die ook een 3/8 socket bevat, voor veelzijdige montagemogelijkheden Camera's kunnen via de geïntegreerde 1/4 schroef. De Sunwayfoto MFR-150 Macro Focusing Rail is het perfecte gereedschap voor de macro-fotograaf. U kunt met behulp van de 15 centimeter lange macrorail een camera op een statief zeer nauwkeurig verplaatsen. Dat is ideaal voor het nauwkeurig kunnen scherpstellen of voor het maken van meerdere opnames die later met een focus stack worden samengevoegd voor een grotere scherptediepte is the amazing NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail from NiSi. Despite the addition of a couple of fairly useless features, like the legs and fold away handle, this rail is way out in front of the competition when it comes to accurate, repeatable focus stacking The StackShot macro rail package includes: 1 x StackShot Controller 1 x StackShot Macro Rail 1 x 2m 4-pin Locking Motor Cable 1 x AC Adapter - choose plug style below. The StackShot is a completely configurable automated system for capturing images for focus stacking. StackShot makes focus stacking repeatable, fast and easy


  1. Sunwayfoto Macro Focusing Rail MFR-150. De Macro Focusing Rail is een onmisbaar hulpmiddel bij macrofotografie en focus stacking. Bij deze takken van fotografie stel je voornamelijk scherp door het naar voren en achteren bewegen van de camera op het statief
  2. The difference will be night and day; a focusing rail setup can save you a lot of time and headache in the field. Also, focusing rails make it far easier to focus stack your macro photos, which can be valuable for capturing the greatest possible depth of field with nonmoving subjects. 4) Conclusion. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  3. Sunwayfoto MFR-150 Macro Focusing Rail. De Sunwayfoto MFR-150 Macro Focusing Rail is het perfecte gereedschap voor de macro-fotograaf.
  4. The Focusing Rail was available as a separate item, but is exactly the same as the rail that is part of the Auto Bellows. Olympus OM Focusing Rail (original version) It is designed to fit the Macrophoto Stand B Adapter for the Macrophoto Stand VST-1, but it can also be used with most other stands and tripods
  5. De NiSi Macro Focusing Rail. Wil je met macrofotografie het onderste uit de kan halen, dan gebruik je extreme macrolenzen of tussenringen op je 'gewone' 1:1 macrolens. Dat levert vaak schitterende foto's op. Nadelen: de scherptediepte is beperkt, je hebt een lange sluitertijd nodig en je moet werken vanaf statief of rijstzak
  6. NOVOFLEX focusing racks are indispensable accessories for macro and stereo photography.. They can be mounted on any tripod and on the NOVOFLEX MS-REPRO macro reprostand. The CASTEL-Q comes with Arca size dovetail clamping and was designed to fit the NOVOFLEX Q=BASE quick-release system.. It can also be mounted on any tripod head with 1/4 or 3/8 thread Or directly on the quick releases Q.

UN Two Way Precision Macro Focusing Rail for Copy Stand Minolta or Vivitar focusing rail Velbon Super Magnesium Slider. Linhof Macro/Stereo Focusing Slide #003834. The Linhof is uber-heavy duty, good for up to 4x5 easily. and I am looking at the Fotomate. It looks less gimmicky than the Adorama or Adorama knockoff Many of us have had a go-around or two with various focusing rails for close-up and macro work. I know I have. I am writing this not because I am an expert on rails, but because it appears I have made all the mistakes and in my search for a good focus rail have unintentionally gradually accumulated enough of these devices to compare them to one another Bij macrofotografie spelt de technische kant een grote rol. Zo is de afstand tot je onderwerp van essentieel belang voor een goede macrofoto. Met de Leofoto MP-150 Macro Focusing Rail heb je alle controle over de afstand tussen je lens en onderwerp, zodat je perfect kunt framen en de juiste brandpuntsafstand kunt gebruiken A focusing rail is a perfect tool for precisely adjusting the focal plane. Compatible with the Arca-Swiss dovetail tripod mount, the new NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail from NiSi is a versatile choice for professional and enthusiast photographers

The MFR4-5 Macro Focusing Rail from Oben is a lightweight macro stage designed for precise 4-way camera alignment. Its ability to make small incremental adjustments is ideal for close-up work, tilt-shift or macro-photography. The MFR4-5 provides 2.75 of maximum front to back movement and 1.25 of maximum left to right movement controlled by dual-level adjustment knobs. The two angles of. NiSi NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail: Verdict. I tested the NiSi NM-180 using a full-frame DSLR and macro lens, and was really impressed. Everything works as it should, with the rail capable of positioning the camera smoothly and precisely even when it's pointing vertically down, which can defeat lesser alternatives Well if you use a tripod when shooting macro chances are you are also using (or are thinking on using) a focusing rail with the setup. A simple rail which lets you slide the camera back and forth. Macro Focusing Rail - Leofoto was founded at the beginning of 2014. It is located in Zhongshan, beautiful Pearl River Delta area in China. Leofoto team has been designing and manufacturing series of camera support systems by comparing and studying the high-end photographic accessories made in China and abroad and combining different suggestions from professional photographers for over a decade De NiSi Macro Photography Focusing Rail NM-180 is ideaal met een 360 graden draaibare klem, dit geeft je namelijk de mogelijkheid om de positie van jouw camera nauwkeurig aan te passen bij het fotograferen van macro. De rail is een voorzien van een geïntegreerde Arca-Type compatibele snelspanklem en bevat ook een Arca-type plaat

Macro Slider / Macro Focusing Rail - Type W-160. € 45,95 (inclusief btw 21%) Aantal. Annuleren In winkelwagen. Specificaties. Productcode P150820170003. Productcode leverancier L150820170003. Omschrijving. Macro slider voor zeer nauwkeurige close-up-, tilt- of macrofotografie; De camera kan. Dpofirs 4 Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider with 1/4 Mounting Screw for Close-up Shooting with Quick Release Plate,Premium Dual 4Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider,Close-Up Shooting £25.29 £ 25 . 29 £25.97 £25.9

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Leofoto Macro Focusing Rail MP-150S De Leofoto Macro Focusing Rail MP-150S is een ideaal accessoire voor al uw macrofotografie. Met deze focusing rail hebt u alle controle over de afstand tussen uw macrolens en het onderwerp. Daardoor kunt u de perfecte Are you looking for best macro focusing rail, we've consulted top experts who has in-and-out knowledge about the macro focusing rail. We choose the top most quality product, which comes with amazing features you've never heard before. We have filter more than 100+ of product to give you top 10 list of best macro focusing [

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Leofoto MP-150S Macro Focusing Rail. Code: LFMP150S. In stock. £119.95. Qty: Add to Basket. The MP-150S focusing rack differs from the MP-150 in that it has a screw lock clamp. Like the MP-150, it features a precision screw-drive movement with a convenient handle for control WeMacro Installation Video. At the time of writing, WeMacro desktop/PC software is windows-only, compatible with WinXP, Win7, Win8 and Win10, and is a free download from the WeMacro website.There is no CD or manual in the box that WeMacro is supplied in, installation instructions are only available via the website and video online to the right.. NiSi Macro Focussing Rail NM-180. The biggest challenge facing macro photographers is holding the camera perfectly steady, moving even a millimetre can throw the shot, so it's easy to lose critical focus even with a tripod. This is where the focusing rail is essential. It gives you precise control over the distance between lens and subject

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  1. Vind de fabrikant Macro Focusing Rail van hoge kwaliteit Macro Focusing Rail, leverancier en producten voor de laagste prijzen bij Alibaba.co
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  4. Close-up lenses and focusing rail for your Macro Photography needs. Macro photography is a fascinating photographic discipline, that allows you to creatively shoot every day objects, wildlife, plants and more in close-up detail.NiSi have recognised the growing popularity of this art-form in recent months and have developed a series of high quality, reasonably priced accessories to allow more.
  5. Precisely adjust the position of your camera when shooting macro photography The perfect companion for the NiSi Close Up Lens Integrated Arca-type compatible quick release clamp and also includes an Arca-type plate 360-degree rotating clamp The maximum load of the rail is 5k
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Bestel de Kiwi FC-1 Macro Focusing Rail voor € 79,95 bij Fotokonijnenberg.nl. Voor 22.00 uur besteld? Morgen bezorgd! Standaard 2 jaar garantie Cowboystudio Macro Focusing Rail Set met 4 Way, voor Canon, Zwart: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven De JJC MFR 3 Macro Focusing Rail is ideaal voor fotografen om zo een nauwkeurige positionering van hun camera over de X- en Y-as te krijgen voor macrofoto's. De JJC MFR 3 Macro Focusing Rail is eenvoudig te bedienen en maakt zeer precieze fijnafstelling aan de positie van je camera mogelijk zonder de stabiliteit en nauwkeurigheid te beïnvloeden plastic 4 Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider for Olympus Samsung Digtal Camera | Cameras, Tripods & Supports, Other Tripods & Supports | eBay Macro Slider / Macro Focusing Rail (4-weg) TYPE 2. € 32,95 (inclusief btw 21%) Aantal. Annuleren In winkelwagen. Specificaties. Productcode P110220150900. Productcode leverancier P411220181832. Omschrijving. Macro slider. Een macro slider wordt gebruikt voor zeer nauwkeurige close-up-, tilt.

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User review of Velbon Super Mag Slider Macro focusing railsStackShot - Automated Focus Stacking Macro Rail | MacroStereo PhotographyReverse Lens Macro - How to Make Macro Photos withMicro-Photos of Butterfly wings | wordlessTechLepiota aspera - Spitsschubbige parasolzwam | This is a
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