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  2. What Muscles Do Kettlebell Swings Work? The motion of a kettlebell swing means that you will use virtually all the muscles in your body. The two-handed swing uses the hamstrings, glutes, quads, hips, core, back, trapezius, shoulders, and forearms. At the start of the motion you engage your glutes, quads, and hips
  3. What muscles are worked with the kettlebell swing? The kettlebell swing is a full-body exercise that uses muscles for grip, posture, stabilization, to keep the spine erect, and the actual movement (prime movers). I cover the two-handed swing, the single-handed swing would involve a lot more action around the mid-section
  4. What Muscles Do Russian Kettlebell Swing Work? Blog / By Ryan Jacoby. Russian kettlebell swing targets your abs, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, glutes, pecs, shoulders, and lats with easy and simple motions. Such swinging also movements helps an individual to improve his/her grip strength
  5. What Muscles Do Kettlebell Swings Work? Kettlebell swings are a dynamic and effective exercise. The efficiency of this total body workout makes them perfect for someone who is looking to save time without sacrificing the quality of their workout
  6. ant Western Society. It is, in fact, a hinge and NOT a squat movement. A hip hinge - like a deadlift movement - forces you to use those posterior chain muscles to move the kettlebell
  7. The kettlebell swing is a good exercise that really expects you to utilize the muscles in your legs and hips. This is in order to create the power of the swing while your shoulders, abs, and back muscles balance out your upper power to control your balance, momentum and posture. The list of major muscles groups that the kettlebell swing works.

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We hebben hier een 5-stappen plan, een video, 8 belangrijke techniek tips & 6 ijzersterke voordelen voor jou in petto. Wordt fitter, slanker en gezonder. De beste en meest beroemde kettlebell oefening. Hier lees & leer je alles voor een technisch perfecte Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell Swings Reason #2 - Lower Loads are Safer. Because of the dynamic nature of the swing the opportunity to overload or injure the body is quite low. A well-performed swing is ballistic in nature. A swing should be punched forward by the hips, not pushed slowly into place

De kettlebell swing heeft een flinke carry-over naar de deadlift, vanwege het explosief strekken van de heupen, wat essentieel is bij de oefening. Voor pure hypertrofie schiet de oefening, ons inziens, enigszins tekort. Uitvoering. Zoals we al eerder zeiden, is het belangrijk de kettlebell swing niet te 'squatten' - een veelgemaakte fout Kettlebell swing training is your 1-stop shop for muscle size, definition, fat loss and the heart of a racehorse. After years of training clients and leading seminars and certificate programs, I've encountered just about every question about the swing Kettlebell swings are a fantastic exercise for promoting muscle hypertrophy and building lean muscle mass. The exercise is a compound exercise, which means that you work multiple muscles in your body, all at the same time when you do the exercise Hi @swing The 8kg will not make you stronger or make you gain muscle. The 16kg not much better. If you can only get one kettlebell, get a 24kg and practice deadlifts with it until you can do 2H swings with it Kettlebell swings are great for shoulder stabilizers and will prevent your shoulder joint. The only muscle group the kettlebell does not target is the chest. However, the kettlebell swing helps maintain an upright position, improving your posture by pulling your shoulders back

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Kettlebell Exercise #5: Double Swing. Balance is key when building muscle and you need to balance the quad growth from the squats with some hamstring exercises. The Double Kettlebell Swing is the brutal distillation of everything kettlebell training is about: power, explosiveness, flexibility and lung searing cardio While the specific muscle benefits are clutch, the best part is that this movement translates to a more fit and powerful body overall. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that kettlebell swing training increased both maximum and explosive strength in athletes, while a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise found that kettlebell. That's a lot of muscles at once! In fact, kettlebell swings have notoriety as kind of a 'magic' exercise. In Tim Ferris' 4-Hour Body, he experiments with doing only kettlebell swings as a form of exercise, and had dramatic results (you can read about the full results on his blog here—and trust me, it's pretty impressive) Kettlebell Swing Analysis . According to the research, the kettlebell swing uses the back muscles (latissimus dorsi and erector spinae) throughout the movement, but they are the main muscles engaged in the initiation phase of the swing. The abdominal muscles are primarily activated at precisely the halfway point and the gluteal muscles engage.

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  2. Swing the kettlebell very fast. If you swings the weight too fast you can cause a pull in the muscle and, therefore, injure you. The ideal is to perform a controlled movement to strengthen the muscles and use another lifting technique that is totally different from the one you usually use when doing dumbbells
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Each muscle group has its specific job. Some generate force while others stabilize your body. The kettlebell swing is one such exercise that requires you to use the muscles in your hips and legs to generate the force of the swing while your abs, back muscles and shoulder girdle stabilize your upper force to control your posture, momentum and. Related: BURST TRAINING IS A CONVENIENT METHOD FOR FAT LOSS AND MUSCLE GAINS. KETTLEBELL SWING MUSCLES WORKED The kettlebell swing works the entire posterior chain and core muscles. Take a look at the lists below and see all the muscles that the kettlebell swing works. Posterior Chain Muscles: Back (erector spinae, rhomboids, lats, traps, etc The perfect kettlebell swing builds total-body strength, power, and balance while also improving cardiovascular stamina. Targeted Muscles: Glutes, lower back, and core Equipment Needed: Kettlebell

Kettlebell Swing Muscles Worked. Kettlebell swings use a large number of muscles. So many that they are very close to being a full-body exercise. The main muscles used during kettlebell swings are: Quadriceps - located on the front of your upper thighs, the quads as they are known, are responsible for knee extension The Kettlebell Swing is an effective exercise for the posterior chain. It covers pretty much everything from the back of your head right the way down to your calves. The Push Up manages to look after most of the rest. Correctly executed, a push up trains the chest, shoulders, core and triceps Hinging at your hips until your torso is almost parallel to the floor allows you to engage your hamstrings, large muscles that let you powerfully swing the kettlebell back up to top. Bending your.

Kettlebells can be an awesome cardio workout and is a much cheaper alternative to buying a treadmill or exercise bike for your home while providing the same benefits. Reason #6. The Kettlebell Swing is an effective fat loss tool. Kettlebell swings can be used in two ways to help you lose weight. First, you can use them as part of a regular workout De kettlebell swing is waarschijnlijk een van de eerste oefeningen die je zult leren als je begint met kettlebell training.Het is tevens een van de meest effectieve oefeningen die je kunt doen als je snel vet wilt verbranden, conditie wilt opbouwen en explosieve kracht wilt ontwikkelen The kettlebell swing is ideal for strengthening the posterior chain, or all the muscles that run along the back of your body, from the base of your skull to the backs of your feet. 2. Kettlebell swings are also an effective cardio move. The kettlebell swing will also get your heart pumping, making it a go-to cardio move for HIIT and circuit. The kettlebell swing is one of the best home workouts you can do as it requires very little equipment - the best kettlebell, obviously - yet it builds endurance, burns fat, emphasises muscle. The kettlebell swing engages large muscle groups and small stabilizers. Don't let the lower-body swinging movement fool you. Swings strengthen the upper body too. Kettlebell swings strengthen the entire posterior chain (core, lower back, glutes, hamstring), mid-back, upper-back, forearms, lats, and shoulders

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Kettlebell swings are absolutely good for the core, though keep in mind that you shouldn't focus solely on this. Swings target your core's muscles such as the glutes, hamstrings, hips, and even the shoulders. When you swing a kettlebell, a pulse-like contraction in the abdomen occurs, stiffening your core while also stabilizing the spinal. What Muscle Groups Are Targeted by Russian Kettlebell Swings? The Russian kettlebell swing is a full-body exercise that burns fat and builds muscle. The Russian swing is a non-impact exercise, so it is excellent for those looking to lose weight without causing stress to their joints. This kettlebell exercise targets the abs, shoulders, pecs. Le mouvement de swing va favoriser en priorité le travail des ischio-jambiers, fessiers, et muscles paravertébraux, mais également des épaules et des muscles abdominaux. De part son action sur les chaines musculaires postérieures, le kettlebell swing est d'une efficacité redoutable pour éliminer les douleurs de dos et améliorer la posture Table of Contents1 A Guide On How To Do Kettlebell Swings with Proper Form2 The Benefits Of The Kettlebell Swing3 Kettlebell Swing Results: Toned Muscles & Increased Cardio4 Muscle Groups That Benefit From Kettlebell Swing4.1 Core Power4.2 Posterior Chain4.3 Leg Drive A Guide On How To Do Kettlebell Swings with Proper Form We already know [ The Kettlebell Side Swing is a serious exercise that produces serious results. It is a variation of the standard kettlebell swing and is a bit more difficult given not all of your power is coming directly from the hips and has to be transferred in a different direction

The kettlebell swing can lead to pain or injury if you haven't mastered how to do it correctly. Here's what good kettlebell swing form looks like The kettlebell swing incorporates different types of exercises, and this helps every muscle group in the body. Think of a swing and how it moves up and down. The kettlebell swing is quite similar only that you have to push and pull the kettlebell with both hands One Arm Kettlebell Swing Exercise Information. Alternative Names: Single arm kettlebell swing Type: Strength Experience Level: Intermediate Equipment: Kettlebell Muscles Targeted: Hamstrings, shoulders, pecs, glutes, quads Mechanics: Compound Average Number of Sets: 3-4 with 8-12 reps each Variations: None Alternative: Non

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  1. Bij Muscle Power hebben we kettlebells van vier tot veertig kilo. Zelfs nog zwaardere gewichten zijn leverbaar. Zoek een gewicht dat optimaal is voor jouw trainingen: niet te zwaar, besteed dan extra aandacht aan de juiste lichaamshouding en uitvoering van de kettlebell-swing
  2. Kettlebell swings work all of your major muscle groups at once, instead of isolating specific groups by doing different exercise moves. Doing a kettlebell swing saves you more time, energy, and money from spending different pieces of fitness equipment. A kettlebell swing can target up to 600 muscles
  3. How To Perform The Kettlebell Swing. The movement axis of the swing is through the hip joint and not the shoulders. The spinal curves must be correctly maintained. The swing is a simple exercise that is done wrong by so many people. It is not a squat movement, but a hip-hinge movement. That means that the hips go back, and the knees only bend.
  4. g the perfect kettlebell swing places all the emphasis on your posterior chain — your major muscles on the backside of your body from your heels to the base of your neck, primarily your.
  5. The kettlebell swing is perhaps the highest value kettlebell exercise ever in terms of its simplicity and sheer effectiveness. This exercise has incredible benefits when used correctly such as rapid weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning and power development to name a few. It is a versatile exercise that can be thrown in the middle of a circuit, placed at the end of a weights session as a.

Kettlebell Swings Whenever you see swings in this program, you'll be doing seven reps per minute for the prescribed number of sets. Seven swings will take about 10 seconds; rest for the remainder of the time. Kettlebell Presses and Pullups Set a timer to beep every 8min. When it beeps, start your press set Tip: Kettlebell Swings With Band Compared to Olympic lifts for training explosive qualities, the swing is easier to learn with lower risk. Adding a band makes it even more explosive The Kettlebell Swing is the foundation for most of the kettlebell workouts. It works your legs, shoulders, core, back, glutes, and activates the strongest joint in your body - the hip. This basic movement can help you build muscle, torch calories, establish a strong base and foundation, improve your posture, fortify your core, and increase your power output To reload the swing, guide the kettlebell downwards using your lat muscles to keep it in the pendulum motion. The kettlebell should be getting pulling into the space just below your groin The best kettlebell exercises, such as the kettlebell swing and kettlebell overhead press, can build muscle efficiently as well as making you strong

Kettlebell Swing Muscles Worked. It's important to note, that a kettlebell swing, is not actually using your hands or your arms to generate the force of the swing itself. The main force of the swing will be generated by your glutes, legs and core Cet article explique comment faire du kettlebell swing sans matériel de musculation, les variantes ainsi que tous les muscles sollicités par l'exercice The kettlebell swing builds power and explosiveness in the hips and lower body. This exercise also increases strength in the lower back, core, and shoulders, and is also one of the most metabolic exercises. The swing is important because it trains the hip-hinge movement, which is essential to exercises such as the deadlift and al One Arm Kettlebell Swing Benefits. The one handed kettlebell swing has the same benefits as the two handed kettlebell swing except it has a few hidden extras.. Swinging the kettlebell with one arm rather than two puts extra demands on the shoulder and also attempts to pull the body into rotation.. Your shoulder stabilising muscles will have to work much harder in order to keep your shoulder in.

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  1. The kettlebell swing (also the Russian swing, double-arm swing or conventional kettlebell swing) is a basic ballistic exercise used to train the posterior chain in a manner similar to broad jumping. The kettlebell is swung from just below the groin to somewhere between the upper abdomen and shoulders, with arms straight or slightly bent, the degree of flexion depends on the trajectory of the.
  2. Muscles Used During a Kettlebell Routine. Unlike training with strength machines or traditional free weights at the gym, kettlebell training requires multiple muscle groups to work together to produce and control force. Whether you do overhead presses, swings or carries, your body constantly shifts its weight and.
  3. Le kettlebell swing est un exercice, qui fait travailler plusieurs muscles au nombre desquels, les fessiers, les quadriceps, le dos, les épaules et le tronc. L'ensemble de ces exercices est réalisé en un seul mouvement, d'où son nom : exercice brûleur de graisse par excellence
  4. The kettlebell swing targets your hamstrings, glutes, lower back and shoulders while providing a metabolic workout. Through out my blog you will notice how I frequently include the kettlebell swing and goblet squat in a lot of the workouts. I do this because they deliver immense value, value that shouldn't be ignored
  5. This stems from a lack of understanding of what a kettlebell swing can or should be. It's time to ditch the sissy swings. Not Unlike a Deadlift. If you look at the positions, the kettlebell swing is not unlike a deadlift. The fact is, when performed correctly, they're identical except for the position of the weight. The Kettlebell Swing

Build muscle with our 8 week Kettlebell Muscle Gain program. Great for a home workout or gym, all you need is kettlebells! Thirty individual 30-45 min sessions Interestingly, for all of the debate about which swing is superior, the movement pattern of each is identical except for the top position. Both start the swing with the kettlebell just below the groin, and, using a slight flexion of the knee and powerful thrust of the hips, push the kettlebell into its apex, all the while keeping the spine straight and neutral 'Kettlebell swings will teach you how to use your full core,' says PT Casper van Heerden. 'This doesn't just mean your abs - it includes your back muscles and glutes, too. Kettlebell swings are as old school as it gets: they have been utilized for centuries by Chinese (In China they call them stone locks) and by Russians where the girya originates from. The uneven weight distribution of the kettlebell makes the kettlebell a great tool for fluid power training

The kettlebell swing is a serious way to pack on muscle, increase your strength and cardiovascular endurance, while burning a shit ton of calories. They are an excellent way to get your workout on and kick some ass in the least amount of time possible and without having to leave the comfort of your home Kettlebell Muscle. Mark Reifkind, Master RKC. August 9, 2010 06:38 AM. The main thing people have told me that they want from their training hasn't changed in 30 + years: they want to lose weight and get toned. This is by far the most common desire and everything else is way behind. And by get toned they mean LOOK like they have some muscle Kettlebell Swing. If you need to take your workouts to the next level or are otherwise looking to spice up your workout routine, you'll want to look at adding some kettlebell swings. But before we get into all the great kettlebell swing benefits, here's kettlebells 101 for those who have not heard of this type of weight training before Kettlebell swings are a form of strength training (AKA resistance training), which is a type of exercise that pits muscles against a large force. In this case, that large force is a kettlebell. As you just read, kettlebell swings work more than 600 muscles with just one movement

In recent years, the exercise known as kettlebell swing It has become very popular as a complement to the training of professional and amateur athletes. Although it is only one variant of the many that can be performed with the kettlebell (kettlebell), stands out for its interesting benefits.. In particular, and as detailed in an article published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning. Hier vind jij je kettlebell schema voor een complete workout, drie keer in de week. Alle kettlebell oefeningen met uitgebreide uitleg. Video's, techniek tips, een uitprintbaar schema en advies om je compleet op weg te helpen If you want to slim down your body and tone your muscles faster, start using kettlebells.Not only will you generate more power, build more lean muscle, and spike your metabolism, but you'll also improve your balance and stability.Because of its shape, you can push, pull, and swing the kettlebell like nothing else and unlock a new branch of exercises that are impossible with the tools you.

Based on research, personal experience and opinions from the fitness community, here are 18 benefits of kettlebells and kettlebell training. We've also included who we think would benefit from using kettlebells, the top 5 kettlebell exercises, and one extremely effective kettlebell workout 5 New Kettlebell Swing Workouts Below are five variations of kettlebell swing workouts that will have you melting away fat and building lean muscle in record time. And don't worry if you're a beginner - I've also included beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions of each The kettlebell swing is a total body movement that primarily works the muscles of the posterior chain, emphasizing the hamstring complex. The kettlebell swing is an excellent starting point for those learning the hip hinge movement pattern. From there one can progress to more advanced hip hinges such as the deadlift How do Kettlebell Swings Benefit Posterior Chain? There are many exercises that activate the muscles of the posterior chain. We can target back muscles with a properly executed bent-over row.We can target our glutes with the exceptional muscle isolation of the hip-thrust. Stiff-legged deadlifts are among some of the awesome strength exercises for the hamstrings

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1. McGill et al, Kettlebell Swing, Snatch, and Bottoms Up Carry: Back and Hip Muscle Activation, Motion, and Low Back Loads. JSCR Volume 26, Number 1, January 2012, pp. 16-27 To learn more about the proper way to do a kettlebell swing, attend a Kettlebell User Course and/or Find an Instructor How to Kettlebell Swing and Hinge. Add KB Strength + Conditioning to your Workout Exercise Basics. How to Kettlebell Swing and Hinge. Add KB Strength + Conditioning to your Workout. February 7, 2021 Chaz Fitness Basics

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If you are serious about building muscle and losing weight at the same time, then you need to know how to do 100 kettlebell swings a day. This is the best way to speed up the fat-burning process because it will drastically change your posture. You will find that after only a few weeks of doing this, you will begin to notice a tremendous difference in how your body looks and feels Kettlebell Swing exercise is a challenging exercise that effectively targets the gluteus muscles, hamstrings, upper part of the quadriceps and the lower back. When doing Kettlebell Swings, the core muscles are engaged to ensure the core section is activated to keep the upper body stable and the lower back supported Kettlebell exercises often involve several muscle groups, making them an effective way to give your arms, legs, abs, and glutes a great workout all at once. Try these seven kettlebell exercises.

De kettlebell swing is de meest populaire kettlebell workout. Wil jij starten met deze oefening of hem juist naar een next level brengen? Lees dan verder The kettlebell swing squat style, misunderstood by many, wrongfully shunned by plenty. Let me tell you straight up, those that say that the squat style kettlebell swing is bad, and you shouldn't do it; are those type of people that stop you from progressing, and learning more

If you perform kettlebell swings with the intention of shaping the glutes and hamstrings, make sure you progress over time and use heavier loading. Heavier loads during kettlebell swings activate the glutes and hamstrings to greater degrees and therefore place the muscles under greater tension, thereby creating greater hypertrophic stimuli The kettlebell swing can be used in cardio circuits and to strengthen your posterior chain muscles (erector spinae, gluteus maximus, adductor magnus, hamstrings, and soleus). Since the posterior chain is responsible for forward propulsion, exercises that strengthen the chain, such as the kettlebell swing, are useful for developing functional strength, as well as improving gait and sporting. If your goal is to climb injury-free at a high level for many years to come, you should spend some time with kettlebell training. In this article, I will show you how you can implement kettlebell swings for climbing to help you do what you love for a long time and stay on top of your physical and mental fitness Finally, kettlebells are a great way to improve functional movement. You use multiple muscles throughout your body to work. With kettlebell full body workouts, you can improve muscle reflexes, muscle motor sensors, and stamina. These muscle movements can increase strength, and activate muscle growth groups

Kettlebell swings stretch your muscles. Eccentric actions are those in which worked muscles lengthen, rather than contract, and unless you are performing an isometric drill. When you perform kettlebell swings you will activate type-1 and type-2 muscle fibers. This means that you recruit more fast-twitch muscle fibers along with slow-twitch fibers. Fast-twitch fibers are essential for generating explosive speed and power Een kettlebell swing is één van de meest ingewikkelde moves. Het vergt heel wat oefening om de techniek goed onder de knie te krijgen. Niet zo gek dat we vaak een verkeerde uitvoering zien The Best Kettlebell Workouts To Build Muscle Fast | Now get free daily lifestyle tips, health care tips, skin care tips, diet plans & tips and weight loss tips. Visit us now How to do Russian Kettlebell Swing: Step 1: Grab a kettlebell with both hands and hold it at your waist with palms facing down and in. Step 2: Spread your legs to just outside shoulder width apart. Step 3: Bend at the knees and squat slightly downwards. Step 4: As you do lower the kettlebell down and between your legs. Step 5: Stand up straight and using the momentum standing up to help you.

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3) Kettlebell swings are great method of interval training as you can try beat your previous record for the amount of repetitions you perform in a minute, or you can try keep going for as many reps as possible. 4) Improves posture and defines upper back and shoulder muscles (using overhead kettlebell swing. The two arm kettlebell swing aggressively works the abdominal muscles, and the core is of utmost importance for overall fitness and proper alignment of the body. Improves muscle elasticity. Exercise instructions. If there's one technique that you had to learn, it would be the kettlebell swing

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Kettlebell Swing To access the The strength training component of is program is designed specifically to build lean strength and muscle. The interval training workouts are short, intense, and effective for shredding and fat loss. These are programmed two days per week for 5-20 minutes per session Kettlebell swing är en övning som tränar flera av dina stora muskelgrupper, i den så kallade höftfällningen. Du kan använda övningen till att öka både din styrka och din förmåga att utveckla hög kraft snabbt. Det är en övning som passar dig som är aktiv i höftdominanta sporter (t ex de flesta lagsporter) och det är även en väldigt bra assistansövning för marklyft Kettlebell Muscle/ Swing This Kettlebell / Daniels Fitness Training LLC cannot be held responsible for injuries you may incur from the use of purchased programs. Heart Rate monitors are recommended. (Polar H10 Chest Strap) Even though this is a carefully planned training program, any exercise can be dangerous in many ways The kettlebell swing is an incredible exercise that can help improve your hamstring and glute strength to power through workouts and runs Kettlebell Swing Workouts Ten-minute fat-torcher. Perform as many swings as you can in 60 seconds, using the form pointers above, and record the number of reps you complete

Muscles worked during the kettlebell swing are in the hips, glutes, hamstrings, lats (back), abs (deep inner and outer), shoulders, pectorals (chest) and grip strength. The kettlebell swing really is an excellent full body exercise in itself and combined with kettlebell squats, will target and greatly benefit all of your muscles The kettlebell swing may be the most effective exercise for shedding body fat fast. When combined with good nutrition, the swing may be the king for fat loss for most people. While it's hard to crown any exercise the absolute 'best' because there's so man Our previous posts with Doug Fioranelli have been building towards the Kettlebell Swing. Even though the swing is one of the movements most people are familiar with, you actually should build up to it with the deadlift and the squat in order to prepare your body for the kettlebell swing, rather then going right into it. By Doug Fioranelli As we continue this Hardstyle Kettlebell Series for.

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How to do a kettlebell swing properly, according to an expert fitness trainer. This is a step-by-step guide on how a kettlebell swing, including which muscles swings work Swing barefoot or in minimalist shoes. You want to swing from a neutral and natural stance. Like a punch, the swing takes hours to learn and a lifetime to master. Following the basic instructions below will get you started. The Kettlebell Swing. The basics of the movement are simple: Place a kettlebell on the floor in front of you We've written about the benefits of adding kettlebells to your workouts and how the kettlebell swing exercise boosts your leg strength. Now the caveat: the kettlebell swing is hard to get right. The Russian kettlebell swing will boost your muscle growth and endurance when used on a regular basis. Try alternating 10 reps of the Russian kettlebell swing with 30-second planks and 10 push-ups to mix it up for a great fat-burning combination. Here at the FFP, we're always churning out great new content One Arm Kettlebell Swing. A one arm variation on the kettlebell swing. This exercise will put extra demand on the shoulders, and when performing this exercise your body will attempt to go into a rotation. Correcting this will place more emphasis on your shoulder muscles and also your core will have to work overtime to counteract this rotation

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Basic Russian Kettlebell Swing: The basic swing will help improve the posterior chain. The key here is hinging at the hips which will help with stability through the frontal plane. Start by holding the kettlebell just above the knee at arm's length with both hands. Your feet should be shoulder width apart To access the content, please or register an account and purchase a membership plan:. Strength Training for Beginners $49.95 . This program is designed for those new to strength training. Each week we will focus on a different functional fitness movement meant to improve overall strength, endurance and stamina

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